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Remote banking services

The Bank provides electronic banking services using the Bank-Client subsystem of the BS-Client remote banking system and Zepter Business mobile app.

The "Bank-Client" subsystem includes a multi-level protection system against unauthorised use and ensures a sufficient degree of reliability and confidentiality of information if the client meets all the requirements and recommendations of the Bank.

Certified means of e-signature are used for identification and authentication of electronic settlement documents in the "BS-Client" remote banking system.

As one of the tools of electronic banking service, the "Bank-Client" subsystem has the following advantages:
  • personalised approach when creating the installation of the customer workstation
  • possibilities of document import/export from various accounting software systems
  • prompt document processing and execution by the bank
  • increased reliability of payments
  • saving of funds and staff worktime
The subsystem "Bank-Client" is intended for operative interaction between the client and the bank by means of electronic documents. Furthermore, the subsystem allows customers to perform the following actions at their workplace without direct contact with the bank:
  • import/export documents from various accounting software systems
  • create, edit, prepare, store, print the documents entered
  • sign documents using e-signatures or SMS-code
  • send e-documents to the bank for execution and control the results of their processing
  • send requests to the bank for e-documents withdrawal
  • monitor the status of current (settlement) and other accounts in Belarusian roubles and foreign currency (receive statements of personal accounts)
  • generate and print out statements of settlement documents receipt in card indexes, registers of electronic documents submitted to the bank for execution
  • receive arbitrary documents from the bank and print them out
  • receive software updates, corporate directories, information on currency exchange rates and other electronic messages.

The "Bank-Client" subsystem implements:
  • Payment orders in Belarusian roubles and foreign currency
  • Payment requests in Belarusian rubles
  • Payment request registers in Belarusian roubles
  • Currency sale orders
  • Currency purchase orders
  • Application for acceptance of payment requests
  • Applications for funds reservation for payment of wages
  • Statement requests
  • Loan applications
  • Arbitrary documents to the bank

Zepter Business mobile app extends the functionality of the Internet-Banking system for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs and allows:
  • Make payments in national and foreign currencies;
  • Control debit and receipt of funds on accounts;
  • Check account balances of a company or an individual entrepreneur in the real-time;
  • Review the bank's news, exchange rates, bank's divisions and ATMs displayed on the map.

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