ENG Цептер FX

By making your loan payments on time, you build up a positive credit history.

You can pay off your Zepter Bank loan

without fees:

fees may be charged:

  • through other banks' devices

  • through other financial services

CJSC ''Zepter Bank'' is a participant of the "Settlement" system (AIS ERIP).

Bank address in ERIP: Financial services - Banks - Zepter Bank - CJSC ''Zepter Bank'' Loan

From 01.07.2016 one-time payment amount for a Zepter Bank loan in ERIP:

minimum: 0.01 BYN;

maximum: 9,900 BYN.

If you have not made a payment through a Bank Service Centre Zepter Bank cash desk, it may take a few days for the funds to arrive. Please plan your payments in advance to avoid overdue debts.

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